Mothers Day Hunt!




*No resellers or copy botters let your imagination run wild and show us your creative side.

*If for any reason you need to drop out of the hunt PLEASE let us know at least 24 hours prior to the hunt starting we understand that life happens and will understand.

*If your store moves or you have a new LM please let us know so that we can update your spot in the blog.

*Make your gift reflect what you create and sell in your store. You want hunters to return to your store for future shopping. So please reflect the quality of YOUR work!

*Please no decoys as sometimes people have big stores and it get’s kind of boring after a while of looking and looking only to find decoys.

*The object is re-sizable so that you can make it as big or little as you would like.

*Your hunt application will be reviewed and we will be visiting your store before we decide to accept you.

*Store owner(s) or manager(s) will be asked to join the Nail It Good! Hunts group after your application is accepted. So please make sure that you have room for a group!

*Please be sure that your application is COMPLETE, any incomplete applications will be discarded as we do not have time to contact each and every one of you to make corrections. We have a timeline we need to follow as well to make this hunt go off without a hitch on time.

* PLEASE go by the timeline that we have given you in your welcome package. If your hunt item is not set by the timeline date, you will be removed from the hunts blog list. We do not have time to remind each and every one of you. A notice will be placed the day of the hunt item deadline day to let you know that we will be checking your store locations.

*Hunt items need to be set for $0L any items that are set for any other price than that will be discarded from the hunt immediately. This is not a profit hunt it is a hunt to support a good cause for fun.

* PLEASE pay attention to group notices as all hunt correspondence and final packages are sent through the hunt group as a convenience to you as well as ourselves. So please be sure to pay attention to the NAIL IT GOOD! HUNTS group for all hunt info.

Hunt Timeline:

*Max Stores: 50

Application Deadline: April 20th

Hunt Item Delivery: April 23rd

Hint Notecard Due: May 1st

Walkthrough: May 8th

Hunt Starts: May 10th,2015
Hunt Ends: May 31st,2015


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